Sell your gold & diamonds

Get a Bonus of 30% Store Credit

Sell your diamonds and gold to Facets Fine Jewelry for cash, or trade in your gold for 30% extra for store credit. For example, if you have $1,000 of gold to sell, you could have $1,300 in store credit! Facets Fine Jewelry also purchases diamonds.

Sell your gold and your diamonds to Facets. We offer more than other diamond buyers because we use them in our workshop. We buy larger sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanite and opals. Please note that an I.D. is required for all sales and all sales are final.If you don’t want to sell your gold, consider redesigning it. We also consign a few select pieces. This jewelry is usually vintage or antique jewelry, or recently purchased jewelry that is still in fashion and of good quality.Do you have jewelry or diamonds that you think might be rare or valuable? Did you receive jewelry from an estate? You may want a verbal appraisal to find out the value.

Items we purchase:
  • diamonds, all sizes and shapes
  • gold and platinum jewelry
  • gold watches
  • gold coins
  • dental fillings, teeth, bridges and crowns
  • silver tea sets and silverware

Not sure what you’ve got? Bring it down to Facets Fine Jewelry in Brooklyn. We’ll give you cash for gold.