Opal And Diamond Stargazer Ring


asymmetry on point…

An atypical piece, the “Opal Stargazer” highlights the beauty of asymmetry. Various stone sizes and their irregular placement create a field of play for the eyes. This gorgeous opal draws the eye, and is surrounded by a supporting cast of diamonds. It has a gorgeous fire, introducing elements of color to its dimensions.

This ring is designed to allow for stacking. If you’d like matching, interlocking diamond bands to stagger your stones, you’re in luck. We love to make interlocking partners for this piece. Just ask (see stacked shot in listing photos.)

*Note: The Opal is a natural stone, and as such, each one is slightly different. The colors in the Opal photos have not been enhanced. The exact colors within and degree of flash will vary according to movement and light. Please look closely at the photos before purchasing.

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