Rare Fine Estate

For over a decade, Facets has served fine clientele with jewels of the highest quality. As buyers and sellers of estates, we are constantly looking to buy fine goods to keep up with our customers’ appetites for the rare and beautiful.

If you sell estate jewelry or have considered adding estate pieces to your inventory, Facets has an excellent collection of competitively priced, estate jewelry. Our knowledge and expertise in this specialized area allows us to select the most desirable items from the last two centuries and bring them to our clients.

Fine estates are not inexpensive, but they can be chosen with an eye for value. Details such as fine handcrafting, rare colored stones, and designer signatures increase the value and desirability of a piece. As works of art, they can be of the highest caliber.

Please check out our collection of fine estate jewels. We have new additions every week. Please contact us with your questions and requests.

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